Our Facility

Ohio Soil Recycling’s facility is centrally located on Integrity Drive in Columbus, Ohio with convenient access from two interstate highways. In 2010-11 the facility was expanded from 27-acres to 58-acres and a new treatment pad was constructed with the most modern and up-to-date environmental safeguards. This expansion effort has provided OSR with an additional 15-20 year capacity at the Columbus facility.

Our Facility - Tank

OSR’s 58-acre facility includes:

  • 600’ x 1,800’ Lined Soil Treatment Pad
  • (5) Perimeter groundwater monitoring wells
  • Seamlessly lined collection trench and retention pond
  • Sediment retention basin
  • City of Columbus licensed and inspected weigh scale
  • Secure and fully insured disposal facility
  • Permitted by Ohio EPA

Our Facility - Scraper

Treatment Pad Specifications:

  • Compacted clay subsurface with 40-mil liner
  • 3-foot compacted clay working surface on top of liner
  • Soil-Cement stabilized pad working surface
  • Lined run-off trench feeds into seamlessly lined collection pond.
  • Run-off waters from pad collected and stored in lined pond for re-use in microbial solutions, windrow watering and dust control on treatment pad resulting in full closed-loop water management approach.